+ Before becoming a church planter and pastor I worked for a number of years in market research, talking to people and analysing perceptions of various brands or products, ranging from cars to pharmaceutical items or mobile phones to yoghurts with a fruit corner!  

+ For a while now the idea has been bubbling around in my head of combining strands from my background, specifically by contacting church planters for whom the planting experience has not been as expected or hoped.

+ The idea is to try & speak to people who planted and either the plant did not last, or is perhaps struggling and just 'limping along', or else might be doing better now but was 'touch and go' for a season. As we listen to a variety of examples and experiences, what lessons can we learn for the future?

+ I would love some genuine breadth so if you know different planting networks, denominations, streams or individuals from around the world, please do pass on and encourage people to fill in the questionnaire below! The hope is also to survey a few people 'in depth' for some more qualitative richness.

Many thanks


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Dan Steel


About me

I'm a pastor based in Oxford (UK), but with a background in both church planting (as a planter and sending pastor) as well as market researcher. 


Whilst I am involved in various groups and planting networks, this study is very much an independent piece of research that I hope will be of use to a breadth of Christians who want to learn from the experiences 

and wisdom of others.


I'm married to Zoe and we have 4 kids and 2 guinea pigs (Alvin and Simon).


You can fill in the form above to send an email, come & find me on twitter @dansteel77 or there's a facebook group to accompany the study on the link below...


Church planting is a beautiful and brilliant thing, but along with the advance and success there are also many struggling plants and a good number which have failed despite high hopes.


By seeking to sensitively speak to the planters, I hope we can both gather some data and stories to learn from, as well as trying to understand how we can better pastorally look after people 

in similar situations.